Our projects must have a purpose.


We create value that benefits the surrounding community must have a purpose.


We are committed to leaving a place better than we found it.

Underhill Associates is a fully integrated re-development and management company focused on creating value through the repositioning of real estate.  With a legacy of excellence, our future success is achieved only through hard work and integrity along with a relentless focus on our investors, partners, customers, and employees.


Underhill Associates is dedicated to the preservation and renovation of Louisville’s historic buildings and communities. We believe reuse of existing structures are more economical, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the quality of life for all Louisvillians. To learn more about the current buildings we are fighting to save, please click the link below.



 We need your help to pass HB 659

This bill will make Kentucky more competitive with boarding states with better state historic preservation tax credits programs, increase access to the credit so more people and communities can utilize and benefit from it, and reinstate the transferability provision so nonprofits can benefit from the credit. 

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