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George and Ann Underhill

Underhill Associates began as a small company renovating various properties in the Louisville Metro Area. Underhill Associates established itself by renovating the Kentucky Towers. The renovation, which was the largest of its time in the United States, converted 550 hotel rooms into 285 apartments. After its completion in 1970, George and Ann Underhill founded Underhill Associates for the purpose of managing these apartments.

This project sparked a vision and desire to “redevelop” the community around Kentucky Towers. Underhill Associates began multiple renovations downtown on 3rd Street and on Old Louisville’s city blocks. They converted old homes and buildings that were under appreciated and abandoned into community complexes where families could begin to live again. Underhill Associates paved the way to recreate housing in areas where high quality living space was sparse, yet needed at the time.

After Underhill Associates renovated these properties, they continued to manage and maintain many of them in order to help keep living conditions at their best. George traveled around the country to speak about the importance of redeveloping blighted areas of communities.