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Heritage Green is one of the largest multifamily projects in the region and is rich with history. The roots of the project date back to World War II when the adjoining United States Navy Ordinance station was coordinating returning officers from the war. Heritage Green is nestled on 29 acres in the south end of Louisville, Kentucky and has 624 units in total. Each unit in the project is a two bedroom, one bath unit, measuring roughly 740 square feet. Through a unique redevelopment plan, Underhill Associates intends to preserve this asset through a comprehensive rehabilitation. Once complete the project will have 560 units in total, with a compliment of one, two, and three bedroom units. Each building on the site is situated around a gracious circular boulevard lined with tree canopies throughout. Amenities will include a walking track, spacious green lawns, and a playground. The final offering will allow Heritage Green to once again become a crowning gem in Louisville and will be a fine home for many families in the city. Heritage Green was acquired in the spring of 2014, renovation began in 2015, and full completion and lease up of the property is expected in late 2017.


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Susan Copass-Cheng
Community Manager
o: 502.367.0164
Pamela Quinn
Compliance Manager
o: 502.367.0164