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Real Estate Redevelopment

Underhill Associates is a fully integrated redeveloper that excels in taking a project from start to finish in a timely, value engineered, and innovative manner. The company has extensive experience in redeveloping all types of multifamily properties as well as office suites, industrial buildings, and retail centers. The most important aspect of any redevelopment is site selection, where the focus is on an asset in a proven location that can be repositioned to achieve greater value. Other redevelopment services include site and architectural planning, environmental work, zoning changes, permitting, financing, budgeting, and construction management.

Property Management

Effective property management is invaluable to Underhill Associates as it is the key to the short and long term success of each and every project. The company fully understands that efficiency in leasing, preventative maintenance, tenant communication, and investor reporting are the factors that affect the bottom and top lines, ultimately determining the value of a property. One property management service that Underhill Associates excels in is team selection, including the placement of an asset manager, property manager, building engineer, maintenance staff, accounting manager, and leasing director on each property. The company also provides 24/7 emergency response service to all properties and an places emphasis on detailed financial budgeting and reporting.

Brokerage & Leasing

As a fully integrated real estate company, Underhill Associates provides full service brokerage services to its clients. The company has two in house brokers, a mortgage originator, and several sales agents. Underhill Associates has extensive experience in land sales, commercial sales, residential sales, tenant representation, and office and retail leasing. Before negotiating the purchase and sale of real estate, Underhill Associates takes great care to accurately identify the price of an asset and create a comprehensive marketing plan when deemed necessary. As part of the process, services also include contract drafting and assistance with financing.

Construction & Renovation

For over 40 years, Underhill Associates has maintained an experienced, certified crew to perform in house construction. By employing its own construction labor, the company is able to keep many of these costs relatively low. Additionally, an experienced crew fosters a creative problem solving skill set and promotes a proactive approach to ideas for costs savings along with value creation.